I've Heard Great Things, but We Might be Assholes

by Let's Manufacture Static


Let's Manufacture Static Birmingham, Alabama

The Jimblejorp once proclaimed that a breed of giants would emerge from clouds and descend upon instruments in the form of man. This band is not those descendants. Furthermore, the Jimblejorp is only rumored to exist, much less tell prophecies, even much less tell them accurately. If you see the Jimblejorp, report him to this band for a reward and the authorities for benefit of humanity. ... more

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Track Name: Hey Lord'ay
I be diggin' that soil (hey Lord'ay)
(And the hole that I am in) will surely
(Swallow me whole) hey Lord'ay
Well there's a girly down there (so purdy)
She'a waitin' to be found (don't worry)
(And if I can get to her) 'fore mo'nin
(And if I can get to her) she lonely
The light'll simplify (oh Lord'ay)
'Til there ain't no sky (so slowly)
The thickest black (it hold me)
is the kind that you breathe in.
Track Name: "Uncle Wallace, You've Had Enough!"
Worry has crippled my speech.
Is it hard to feel your heart when it's out of reach?
The grave's turbid truths we must beseech
Until the end of all melody has been breached.

Wallace (x3)
Wallace, come back to us,
Stay with us,
Your brain's just
Playing games with our lack of trust.
Track Name: Barbershop Winkmeister
Oh no, don't head for the coast
Maybe we'll grow old
Maybe we'll live forever
Darlin', we're so vain and whispy
Girl I know you feel me,
Know me all-too well.
The ghost whispers it so softly,
"Baby don't you fear me,
do not fear my hand.
I will work to fix you, change you,
Pacify you, bring you up just right."
Track Name: I Smell the Blood of an Englishman
You sorry people will be boasting by our breath
As we annex the beating fist inside your chest
The king sweeps eyes a thousand times over
Far from sober and desires the worship you hold as a prize

Isis, she of throne, they're in my sight
Thought they swear their might
Is in the name of what's right.
They've promised you temples and grandiloquent song
And said I can pray where I've prayed for oh-so long.

You see--heavens to be praised!--your gods and mine are one and the same.
Close full-circle to unity so we can sneakily/snake-ily slip between.
We love our clasping fingers to be adorned with ring.

This is the eye of anger, whirling towards them with might, listen; no strangers, come readily to fight,
do not show them mercy, your invaders have no right, and when in full direction, we'll send their souls to flight.

Isis, she of throne, where have you gone?
They've deformed my song to the beat of their wrong.
They've taken your temples, impregnated with spawn,
And said I can stay if I don't stay too long.
Track Name: The Deer
The deer spots us:
Don'tcha know that you can't save yourself?
You've got to know someone who knows the way.
The problem is, knowing who.
The path is long.