Let's Manufacture Static Birmingham, Alabama

The Jimblejorp once proclaimed that a breed of giants would emerge from clouds and descend upon instruments in the form of man. This band is not those descendants. Furthermore, the Jimblejorp is only rumored to exist, much less tell prophecies, even much less tell them accurately. If you see the Jimblejorp, report him to this band for a reward and the authorities for benefit of humanity. ... more

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Track Name: All the Way There
"Here, drink," is all she said, "and, roll me up a smoke of words revealed what happened, never spoken until now."
My heart was aching, another day without you.
Oh my God, I've lost my way around. Hate to tell you that you came inside my heart too late to die.
Oh, what love sings from the west window?
You don't know!

(Nathan to Clark:)
Please continue, please continue, you're unbelievable! You'd better keep on singing, 'cause, you know, you're unbelievable. Clark, you'd better take it from me, you're unbelievable.

(After much encouragement, Clark continues:)
Still, it's coming down to this. With everything I had to have her.
You would never have the sense. You would never have the instinct to move when you wanted to hide from view, now it will die with you.

I see those pieces that I hide inside.
I see your skies, you don't believe in the truth might bring you back to the time (after time) that you were at top.
You've got a ways to go.
You've got to pay to be.
But you can see your life today.
I never said that you'd be anything that's worthy; anything that's worth my time.
You can't see what you were to me because you don't believe in me.

(Still it's coming down to this, with everything I had to have her. You would never have the sense. You would never have the instinct to move when you wanted to hide from view, yeah.)
("Here, drink," is all she said, "and, roll me up a smoke of words revealed what happened, never spoken until now.")
(It's unbelievable.)

She said, "Daddy we'll be O.K. anyway; you'll find I don't care if you want to be who you are, don't you ever come attempt me."
You are something inside my mind.
You are nothing if you can't sign the papers that you said you'd write, all the way there, that kept you up a night.
Some say "let it be", do any of us seem worthy? I said too much, but now I know you're mine.
Don't you ever come to me with that look upon your cheek.
Don't you know, I'll be here everyday, waiting on you to come and say you broke my heart and left, beyond the line of dread, and I realize your dead, upon the things you say to me.

No, never! I'll never let you go! No, I'll never let you go!
Track Name: Hey Lord'ay
Well I be diggin that soil (Hey Lord'ay)
Well I be diggin that soil (Hey Lord'ay)
And the hole that I am in (will surely)
Swallow me whole (Hey Lord'ay)
Hey, well there's a girlie down there (so purdy)
She's a-waitin to be found and
If I can get to her ('fore mo'nin)
And If I can get to her...(she lonely)
Hey the light'll simplify
Until there ain't no sky (so slowly)
The thickest black (it hold me)
Is the kind that you breathe in (Hey Lord'ay)
Hey Lord'ay, swallow me whole.
Track Name: Mephistopheles
Walks in moonlight, not a sound
Midnight devil gonna hunt you down
Ain't got no worries, bills to pay,
Midnight devil, gonna sleep all day.

Lost my job down in New Orleans
Spent my last paycheck buyin dead man's dreams
Went to the doctor, to that Ph.D.,
Said "Boy I'll make you what no man should be."

Walks in moonlight, not a sound,
Midnight devil gonna hunt you down
Ain't got no worries, bills to pay,
Midnight devil, gonna sleep all day.

Go to the bayou, there's a man you''ll meet
Whisper to the bullfrog "Mephistopheles".
Hair like midnight, eyes like fire
King of Devils and Prince of Lies.
I did like she told me, got down on one knee
With the man in the black suit, Mephistopheles.
Track Name: (Hi Ho) Kermit the Frog (Here)
As I look through indentions on the wall, I realize my mistakes I realize it all.
No one's to blame, the gravemark was written, and none of us knew our fate.
Subject to feelings and even hate,
The ones who know more,
The cry for one's Fall.
Let your thinking change history.
Let yourself rein with the water that will not cease;
Such a river Divine.

I am desperate, desolate for just a touch
Just one trace of You.

Fleeting words cannot permit me to say why or who
You know I am the one you want
So bring me through and I will die.
Fight, fight for the lost and the broken ones
Who've never even spoken of the truth.
I sing to you tonight blind, dumb, deaf, and mute,
But you can never stop the love I share for you.
Track Name: Close Your Eyes and Count to 5.5 Billion (174 Years Later)
I've got a question, I've got the truth.
Words caught in questions will always fall through.
And I try to write on pen and paper
But I'm later with my words
And I'll try not to speak highly of the wrong things
Happened in my life,
I said you'd be the one.

Every time I think I'm wrong,
I can stay within these walls and
Search through the walls that I've built inside.

No, I'm too much of a fool;
Too much of a minuscule personality.
Start to say that I could never be
Anything that could ruin my family
And I start to spit out of my mouth
I start to say, "I'm drowning for you."

So I call through the tide,
And I'll side with your Mountains.
So I'll call through the tide,
And I'll write sometime.

Ain't no sugar baby tonight.
You ain't gettin' none...you don't even care!
But only you don't know where,
Because I hide beneath the shadows!
What a plan!
I'm goin' down on you.
Oh God, I'm coming down on you tonight!
Why don't you say a word?
Why don't you ever eat my curds and whey?!?

Lay beside me, breathe into me
Intertwine with me.
You're a whirlwind of terror,
Red lips and red hair;
A maze of unkissed skin.
You were there to hold me,
There to console me,
and never mourn my loss.
We're lonely and desperate for attention.
We're three such jaded kids.
Track Name: Jericho
What happened to my mental state?
You came and kissed it away.
And for this, I'm gonna pay
To the same extent that I let you stay.

And if the walls fall down, I'll run away.
And if the walls crumble down, I'll run away.

Tear down this escapade, tear down all these charades.
And make way for the parade, cause they march all night,
They march all day.

Yes I remember you and when I sin you smile and then...
And if I even think an inch, you will pollute more than a mile.
And I crack the clouds and leak the light, it flows, and you'll forever die.
Crushed beneath the walls of Jericho.
Confidence kills the grief as love is drawn from its sheath
And strikes the stones that soon collapse,
The city derobes from its traps,
And stands pure.
Track Name: Walk in the Door, Turn off the Light, and Hang Him like a Jacket
Every once in a while, I dream about you
But it's every single night that I forget that you exist
You only told me lies but you breathe them softly in
And kissed them under my skin.

In your eyes, I've become buried.

Look into my eyes,
They're bloodshot red,
What do you think's been going on tonight?

Every once in a while you like to come pop in and see me,
But it's every other night I seem to recreate you there before my very eyes.
The undistinguished man would easily crumble under your charms.
You've claimed a causality with the ring you've adorned.

Then I breathe in her scent
It reminds me why I live.
Many times I have let you escape through my fingers.
All the same to me.
Track Name: Heirs to the Easy, Sway Us
In the likes of your hearts, all.
All above heights; try to take it in the right light.
You can't run there's nowhere left to hide,
But in his arms that reach out.

This is the way the illuminated door,
I was led to a next-world.
Oh yes a missed sign, a naked eyeball
Hides heirs to the ease.

Heirs to the ease, sway us.
Track Name: The Deer
The deer spots us.
Don't you know that you can't save yourself.
You've got to know someone who knows the way.
The problem is, knowing who.

(Knows, knows) The path is low. / The path is long.
Track Name: Devil'd Eggs (Maybe I Shouldn't Have Given You That Backrub)
It was, by the devil's own hands, deceitful hands that brought us together.
It was crooked staircase that stretched for miles and miles.
Once, we were separate entities. Now, we're under one identity.

You are so clever masked villianee, murder
Don't call me that, I don't go by that name,
I will retain my status
We will remain under my identity
You will hide among the shadows

Await my calling, await the desire to feed,
Wait 'til the thirst is so that it hurts to breathe
And when your lungs have dried
The days grow unbearable
You will be allowed to taste
The flesh of an innocent.

Curse, cursed, cursed hands, no
It can't be, it isn't time
Not already, don't make me watch,
I don't have the stomach for it.

This cancer this hunger devours me
So I must be aware that I allowed it to manifest
I am giving it the will to breathe the will to grow
To consume everything
Until what I was is no more.

Why must I watch?
But it feels so good
To feed the thrist
To cut deep within the flesh of innocence.