How to Rave Your Way to Enlightenment

by Let's Manufacture Static


Let's Manufacture Static Birmingham, Alabama

The Jimblejorp once proclaimed that a breed of giants would emerge from clouds and descend upon instruments in the form of man. This band is not those descendants. Furthermore, the Jimblejorp is only rumored to exist, much less tell prophecies, even much less tell them accurately. If you see the Jimblejorp, report him to this band for a reward and the authorities for benefit of humanity. ... more

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Track Name: Billy Barbershop
Oh no, don't head for the coast
Maybe we'll grow old
Maybe we'll live forever
Darlin', we're so vain and whispy
Girl I know you feel me
Know me all to well
The ghost whispers it so softly
"Baby don't you fear me,
do not fear my hand,
because I will work to fix you,
change you, pacify you, and
bring you up just right."
Track Name: The Sirens
I'm glad to see that you're not smothering me
Now with your sympathy
There ain't no reason to be that way with me now
Cause God it's true, I would be lost without you,
Don't know what I'd do
So when you miss me, this sweet melody will comfort you
On the night when the sirens come searching for you
And I say that I come for you, come for me too
Listen for the melody, hold on tightly
Cause you might hear me whispering, listen for it
The sirens that come for you, come for me too.
On the night when they come for you, they come for me too.
The silence that comforts you, comforts me too.
Track Name: Into a Harvest
Let it rest, let it progress. Patience pulls the crops into a harvest.

So open up your words, your fail-safe, your sanctuary.

At our best, we're atrocious. Patience pulls the crops into a harvest

You can only feel so much, spike my oxygen. A rabbit from the hat is a habit displaced.